Published Choral Scores

Matthew’s choral works are available through numerous publishing companies and directly through him.

To contact Matthew about his music, including possible commission collaborations, e-mail him directly at

G. SCHIRMER  (click on the title to be linked to the distributor’s site)

Balulalow (SATB, soprano soloist), HL.50600681, $2.10

A tender setting of this famous text features a gentle soprano solo line over a tender choral lullaby. The choral writing presents accessible and limited registers, while the soprano solo will be a great opportunity for one of your finer singers.

Requiem Aeternam (for Paul Salumunovich) (SATB), HL.50600075, $1.95

This work is dedicated to the memory of the legendary choral director Paul Salamunovich and his favorite musical genre of Gregorian chant. The composer has written an original chant in the Gregorian style with undulating musical phrases shaped in the ancient style but with contemporary harmonic structures, creating both a familiar and yet unsettling new requiem. Published in the Dale Warland Choral Series.


MORNINGSTAR MUSIC PUBLISHERS (click on the titles to go directly to publisher’s site)

Angels We Have Heard on High (SATB), 50-0065, $1.85

In a truly unique arrangement of this Christmas favorite on the tune GLORIA, the composer establishes a motif with a repeated “Gloria” theme creating a rhythmic pulse that is prevalent throughout the piece. Part of the “Christmas With the Singers” series.

Away in a Manger (SATB), 50-0095, $1.50

A hushed, quiet mood is established as the first line of this favorite carol is sung in unison by soprano voices. The arranger uses the familiar Cradle Song tune, and utilizes tight harmonic structural writing throughout. A peaceful, calming arrangement. Part of the Christmas with the Singers series.

Deep River (SATB), 50-5912, $1.70

Luscious harmonies and rich textures permeate the writing in this piece. This a cappella setting features the melody primarily in the soprano and uses the other voices to establish a layered accompaniment to that melody.

God’s Mother Be (SATB, guitar or harp/piano), 50-0075, $1.85

This piece features lush choral writing that can be effectively accompanied on either piano, harp or guitar. The well-known English text is clearly presented making this appropriate for use in both worship services and concert settings. Part of the Christmas with the Singers series.

Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (SATB), 50-0070, $2.25

A joyful a cappella setting of this grand Christmas carol MENDELSSOHN. The composer keeps the focus on the traditional melody handing it off to different voices throughout the piece. Soaring glorias as well as additional text painting throughout makes this a challenging and beautiful piece. Appropriate for worship or concert use. Part of the Christmas with the Singers series.

In Dulci Jubilo (SATB), 50-0090, $2.25 (NEW!!  SSAA and TTBB versions available!)

From the outset a unique choral accompaniment is established, incorporating a vibrant rhythmic motif that is prevalent throughout the piece. The melody is easily identifiable throughout, and a quiet energy makes this an exciting setting. Set on the tune IN DULCI JUBILO. Particularly effective for advanced choirs. Part of the Christmas with the Singers series.

Infant Holy (SATB), 50-1820, $1.85

The familiar melody of this Polish carol appears in each of the voice parts while the rest of the parts sing a beautiful vocal accompaniment. Part of the popular Christmas with The Singers Series.

Manger Carol (SATB, piano), 50-1124, $1.70

The original music, both delicate and nuanced, casts the “Infant Holy, Infant Lowly” text in a new light from the traditional hymn setting. The sweeping melodies will cause the listener to envision soothing the newly-born babe in his cradle. Commissioned by the Youth Chorale of Central Minnesota, this work is a perfect choice to highlight the youth choir during the Christmas season, though adult choirs will cherish this music all the same.

O Little Town of Bethlehem (SATB), 50-0060, $1.85

This traditional carol is set here with luscious harmonies and flowing lines on the tune FOREST GREEN. The choral writing allows for each voice part to shine. Part of the “Christmas With the Singers” series featuring music performed and recorded by The Singers.

My Shepherd Will Supply My Need (SATB, flute and harp/piano), $1.85

A lush combination of voices and instruments makes this setting of this Early American hymn a piece that will be a favorite of both choirs and congregations. Set on the hymn tune RESIGNATION. The accompaniment is equally effective with either piano or harp.

Silent Night (SATB, flute and harp), 50-0085, $1.85

This setting reflects Matthew Cullotonâ??s gift for hearing something traditional in a brand new way that still feels comforting and familiar. The first verse is set entirely in unison, but is ethereal and lovely. The basses are assigned the melody in the second verse, and the third verse is full SATB. The flute/violin floats high above, reinforcing the melody in places. Reproducible part for Flute or Violin included.

Still, Still, Still (SATB, bar. solo), 50-0066, $1.70

Set against a gentle rocking syncopation, this familiar Austrian carol takes on new life. A baritone soloist is used on the middle verse. All parts divide except the alto. A beautiful arrangement for a cappella use.

We Three Kings (SATB, TBB solos, oboe), 50-0061, $2.35

This unaccompanied setting of the well-known carol uses three male soloists (one baritone, two bass) as the kingsâ?? voices. The oboe reinforces the melody, dances around it, and even quotes Greensleeves. The divisi chorus sings backup to the kings and all the refrains, which are set differently. Five full verses are used, but due to the fun and creativity present in the writing, the piece unfolds in a very fulfilling way.

The Wexford Carol (Good People All, This Christmas Time) (SATB, sop. solo), 50-1990, $2.25

Matthew Culloton has created a fresh and stunning arrangement of this popular Christmas carol. Though a cappella, the lower three parts sometimes act as accompaniment with neutral syllables, granting the cherished melody prominence. The carol is frequently interjected by Culloton’s own lovely melody, conveying a ritornello form. The composer’s intimate knowledge of choral writing is apparent in his arrangement. A true treasure.

What Wondrous Love (SATB, div.), 50-3202, $1.85

This setting of the well-known hymn from William Walker’s Southern Harmony, begins in a reflective, meditative style, but grows in volume and intensity. The piece is based on the tune WONDROUS LOVE.



SANTA BARBARA MUSIC PUBLISHING (click on the titles to go directly to publisher’s site)

1154Down in the River to Pray (SSA), SBMP 1154, $1.95

This upbeat a cappella arrangement sounds fresh from the Appalachian mountains. Treble choirs will delight in singing this popular folk song in a strictly 3-part setting. 



Famine Song (SATB), SBMP 575, $1.95  –  Famine Song (SSAA), SBMP 1007, $1.95

Written by a professional vocal quartet of women named VIDA, and inspired by the stories of Sudanese basket weavers who expressed the pain and hope experienced by those in the famine of the 1980s, this is a most unusual and fascinating song.



Shall We Gather at the River (SATB), SBMP 849, $1.95

The arranger has created an elegant, beautiful setting of this well known melody that will work well in the concert hall, or the church.





Sinner Man (SATB, div.), SBMP 1059, $1.95

A clever arrangement of this minor key American folk song, it often plays the women against the men, and vice versa, as they tell the story of “where you gonna run to,” thereby creating drama and fun as the story evolves. Conservative ranges and little divisi make this accessible to many choirs.


To the New Jerusalem (SATB), SBMP 703, $2.10

This arrangement of the upbeat shape-note tune is a great one for a procession, to sing in the round, or just to perk up a concert. The arrangement builds in strength to a dramatic ending.






Golden Slumbers, (SSA, piano and flute), Ed. 6316, $1.60

A tender setting of the classic English lullaby, this arrangement works wonderfully for treble choirs of any age. The melody is shared by sopranos and altos, as the delicate flute part adds a shimmer to the accompaniment. Golden Slumbers works for any time of the year, even for the holiday season.

Japanese Garden, (SA or TB, piano and clarinet), Ed. C. 9301, $1.60

This beautiful song is a true gem. The evocative, picturesque poem depicts a Japanese garden covered in snow, making it a great selection for winter or spring. The optional clarinet part is a delightful addition to the lyricism of the treble voices. Text by David Bengtson.

Take, O Take Those Lips Away, (SSA and piano), Ed. C. 9305, $1.85

The composer of the visionary “Japanese Garden” now brings us a fresh take on a popular Shakespeare text. The contemporary music treatment of ABA form is stark for the ‘A’ sections and hopeful for the ‘B’ section (“But my kisses bring again”). Ideal for medium to advanced women’s choir.


Past Three O’Clock, (SSA, piano and flute)

The refrain of this well-loved melody is believed to have been a signature tune of the London waits, or watchmen, as they made their hourly calls. This particular frosty morning they are also announcing Christ’s birth. Matthew Culloton skillfully arranges “Past Three O’ Clock” for three-part treble voices and flute for Christmas concert or festival.


Two Carols, (SATB), C-001, $1.50

A new, introspective setting of “Away in a Manger” sets the humble birth scene with gentle, shifting harmonies and an optional solo for the middle verse. “Wondrous Birth” is a setting of a German text (sung in English) that maintains a hymnlike quality. Soft and transparent, this score would be a lovely benediction or quiet end to a service or concert in Advent.

The Lobster Quadrille (Treble choir, piano), GP-C004, $1.00

A fun, quirky setting of Lewis Carroll’s wonderful portion of Alice in Wonderland. Your young singers will delight in the character of the work, and the swinging dance rhythms it employs!

Sussex Carol, (SATB, harp/piano and oboe or cello), C-002, $1.00

The traditional English carol is given a bouyant and joyful treatment in this arrangement for choir, cello, and harp. The choir also paints the sound of the tolling bells in the background while the tenors get a solo verse. The piano is a great substitute for the harp part if necessary.


How Can I Keep From Singing? (SATB and piano), HMC 1713, $1.55